Sauna Word Olympiabad Seefeld

The spacious spa offers an exceptionally enjoyable and comfortable sauna experience.

Sauna World

Our spacious sauna world on two different floors offers you very special comfort. On the ground floor you feel like you have been transported back to ancient Rome, while on the first floor you can relax and sweat in a modern lounge atmosphere. Enjoy the view from the panoramic sauna directly onto the famous Seefeld Seekirchl


Please note, that wearing bathing suits in the sauna cabins is not allowed.
We want to create a special relaxation and recovery effect, which is why children are only allowed in the sauna from the age of 15.

  • Rock sauna (50°C)
  • Steam grotto
  • Finnish sauna (90°C)
  • Finnish sauna (100°C)
  • Panoramic sauna (90°C)
  • Fireplace sauna  (80°C)


Kneipp pool

Use our Kneipp pool between sauna sessions.
The interaction of cold and warm water supports blood circulation and is good for the circulation.

Infrared cabins

2 infrared cabins from Physiotherm enrich the sauna area, free of charge. Thanks to the positive effect of heat, you can improve a wide range of problems in a way that is gentle on your circulation. The infrared cabins enable healthy sweating at temperatures as low as 30°C.


The top modern solariums ensure a seamless tan. Prices can be found in our current price list.

Relaxation rooms


The air-room is located on the upper floor and gives a feeling of freedom through the glass wall.

Panorama lounge

The panorama lounge invites you to get together in a cozy atmosphere. The lounge chairs allow you to relax after a sauna session and chat with your friends.

Light room

People react very positively to light and colors because they influence mood and thus well-being. Colors and light have the ability to balance changes in the body. Use the strengths of certain color rays on your sauna day and let the positive forces work on you in our light room in a relaxed atmosphere.

Fire room

The fire room comes to life thanks to the cozy, warm, earthy design of the room and the romantic fireplace on the wall. Let yourself fall and listen to the crackling of the wood.

Panorama terrace

The terrace speaks for itself. The wonderful view of Seefeld's landmark, the Seekrichl, makes the panoramic terrace something incomparable. Especially in summer, the panoramic terrace is a wonderful place to relax and tan.


As the name suggests, the atrium is located in the middle of the sauna area and is glazed at the front. The bright, open-looking room allows you to enjoy the surroundings and let your thoughts wander into the distance.


Sauna infusions

Sauna sessions have a tradition going back thousands of years and have a positive effect on health. The ritual of sauna infusions is very important. Since the tradition of sauna culture continues in our modern sauna landscape, the sauna infusions are still carried out by human hands.

Pampering infusion

The popular pampering infusion takes place daily at 5, 6 and 7 p.m. in our panoramic sauna. The pampering infusion impresses with absolute silence during the infusion, fragrant scents, relaxing music and an incomparable view. Ideal for those seeking peace and quiet!

Classic sauna infusions

Healthy sauna infusions take place daily in the Finnish sauna cabin, during which all toxins are eliminated through the skin. Infusion times in sauna cabin 1: Every day from 2 p.m. on the hour. Cabins 2 and 3 depending on the number of guests.

Soothing sugar and salt peelings

The skin is subjected to a lot of stress, especially in winter. Our soothing peelings in the steam bath pamper your body and mind. Various types of peelings are available from the sauna attendant for EUR 3.50.

We have switched to purely organic oils from Bergila from South Tyrol for our infusions!

NEW in the Sauna!


In the fourth generation, the Niederkofler family from South Tyrol distills high-quality, organically obtained essential oils and also grows plants in their own herb garden to produce various herbal teas and herbal products.

The success story of the Niederkofler family from Pfalzen in the Puster Valley began 100 years ago with the production of needle oils, which have a beneficial effect on muscles and joints. Today, customers can find a range of organically certified essential oils, herbal products and natural cosmetics in the “Bergila” showrooms and sales rooms. The natural products are manufactured transparently, with a lot of manual work and little use of machines.

Today, from May to October, with the permission of the forestry authority, the necessary amount of raw materials is cut from the wild growth of conifers or cut out for landscape maintenance on the alpine pastures. The terrain is mostly impassable. The branches are transported to the distillery in bundles and pure essential oil is extracted from them using steam distillation. In the spirit of sustainability, the wood chips are used to heat the steam boiler after distillation. The ash becomes natural fertilizer for agriculture. Pure spring water is used for distillation. The herbs from which valuable herbal oils such as lavender, peppermint, rosemary, thyme, etc. are obtained using steam distillation come from controlled organic cultivation.

Pure essential oils are the essence of the plant in highly concentrated form, the epitome of the plant. Therefore they must be treated with respect. In order to achieve holistic, health-related added value in the sauna, you should only use organic essential oils, because only these contain all of the plant's active ingredients.

These pure essential oils are widely used in saunas, in the processing of cosmetics and in food.

The sauna is a place of well-being and relaxation and that is precisely why it is important to use pure organic essential oils and to completely avoid chemical fragrances.